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    The purpose of Touching Hearts Ministries is lives literally being changed by heart-to-heart encounters with the living God - Jesus Christ!

    Mary R. Bolton, founder and director, teaches and encourages entering into the presence of the Lord, drawing closer and closer to Him on a daily basis.   As we take this daily journey, entering into a face-to-face relationship with Him, we will begin to see Him as He truly is - in all His glory, majesty, and power.   As we know Him better and better, we will find ourselves being changed - "transformed into His image from glory to glory". (II Cor. 3:18 NKJV)   As we are transformed, others will see the difference and be drawn into His kingdom.

    The ministry offers a daily devotional, Behold Your God, which emphasizes an intimate daily relationship with the Lord.   The overall theme is entering into the presence of God.   Each month has a sub-theme that helps us understand how to draw close to Him and what occurs in our lives as we draw close to Him.   There is a twelve tape teaching album that explores in-depth each of the twelve sub-themes.   Mary R. Bolton, author of the devotional, is a dynamic teacher and speaker at churches, retreats, seminars, and conferences.
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