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    Whispers of God is an invitation to intimacy with God. Each 'whisper' is a prompting from the Holy Spirit to surrender focus from 'me,' 'myself,' and how 'I' am feeling about 'my' life, to instead, fix my gaze on the One who has created us for eternal Kingdom purposes. Through Whispers of God, I am daily invited to outward service that overflows from inward transformation.
Jonathan Dow
Executive Director, Aldersgate Renewal Ministries
    My husband's aunt was admitted to a hospital recently to be screened for cancer as well as heart problems she had been experiencing.   A niece had bought the Behold Your God devotional and tape series for her to read and listen to while she was in the hospital.   One day, while listening to the tape about being still and waiting on God, she felt she was dying.   The aunt turned to Jesus in prayer and said, "I'd like to know you like that, too; I want to hear from you".   She closed her eyes and stayed in stillness for a time, waiting on the Lord, when she felt prompted to open her eyes.   The crucifix of Jesus hanging on the wall in front of her seemed to be pointing toward the hallway, she said, and she 'sensed' the Lord telling her to turn her head to the open door.
    When she obeyed, she saw a multitude of people standing there as far as she could see, and the ones up front were deceased family members; one of them being my young son.   Their happiness brought happiness to her and caused a flood of peace to sweep through her.   All anxiety and fear left her.   As the people began to fade away, Jesus spoke up and said, "They'll be waiting for you".   Since this personal encounter with God, she was at peace in her soul and at rest in the surety of God's love.

Debra Collett
Columnist for the Religous section of the Claiborne Progress Newspaper
    Mary's devotional book is outstanding.   Mary not only tells us to enter into His presence but gives us great examples of how the Old and New Testament people were changed as they drew close to the Lord.   She gives us ideas of how we too can draw close to the Lord and how He and we will be blessed and how our lives will be changed for the better by beholding our God.   I know you will be blessed by reading this devotional and applying it to your life.

Mary Rose
Retired businesswoman
former President of
Knoxville Day Aglow
    As you read Behold Your God, enter into the secret place of the Most High God and experience the presence of God, meeting with Him through scriptures and words of inspiring exhortation and comfort.   Mary Bolton grasps the reader with personal joy, excitement, and even tears as she encourages with passionate illumination the Word of God.   A devotional handbook, Behold Your God is sure to strengthen your daily walk with Jesus.   Because of the closeness you share with God as you read this book, you will look forward to the next day eagerly and find yourself reading ahead.   A must for anyone who desires to seek God's face on a daily basis.   A book to be placed among those most read on your bookshelf.

Sharon Welch
New Living Faith Community Church
    I recommend this unique and inspirational devotional.   By focusing on a scripture a day and yet one theme throughout an entire month, I find there to be a beautiful continuity and yet a freshness day by day.   Each daily message presents to each who is reading it a call and suggestions for growing in knowing God and the glory of His presence.

Beth Arnurius
Bible teacher and minister
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